We could easily hire 5 more people to help with answering phone calls and emails

but it would raise the price of the monitors up to where the other companies are...for us its all about
getting working musicians like us into in ear monitors at a reasonable cost.

In the past we have struggled a bit with getting back to everyone because there are only 3 of us (2 on any given day)

answering a huge amount of emails and phone calls.

We now have refined process by putting in a ticket system that helps us with not only tracking who contacted us and when...but the message is shared
with all the Agents (Yolanda,Chuck and I) and put on a timer... so we can all jump in if needed!

We also have a FAQ's section (which is where you are now) that helps with simple questions

Phone calls are now redirected to cell phones if we are all on other lines...so leave a message and we will get back to you

or open a ticket and get a response even faster!