How can you offer monitors at such a low cost...your half the price of the other companies!


 Our Goal: "Every musician in hearing the absolute lowest cost possible"

We only use the best UV processes and have proprietary inset socket & driver systems.

We test every model we produce at our gigs to ensure that your monitors model
will sound amazing for live stage use!

We keep our overhead low!

To keep the monitors High quality at a low cost to our musician brothers and sisters we only

cut corners where it counts:

  • We do not pay reviewers for positive reviews of our monitors (this is a trick the other companies use to draw musicians in like fly's!)
  • No big advertising budget (we rely on you to tell everyone about Alien Ears)
  • We own the building we are in
  • We are an actual lab and do not sub out work
  • We have proprietary cords and sockets reducing cost further
  • Only a few shows in our 9+ years... this may sound crazy to a lot of you but putting out thousands upon thousands of dollars
    to give T-shirts and bumper stickers to rock stars is not why we are in the business...we are here for the guys in the trenches like us!
  • We do monitors in bulk (more then our competitors combined) which helps us keep cost down
  • We have a total of 2 lab techs / 2 service (Yolanda/ my wife & Aja/my daughter) /2 Sales/ myself /drummer/vox and Chuck/my brother/bassist extraordinaire


Upgrade anytime!
Don’t buy new monitors...upgrade anytime for the difference +$100!

We are the actual lab and do full repairsand upgrades on AE monitors

No Hidden Charges...Free Impressions - Free Shipping
We send out free impression kits (having impressions done can cost up to $150!)
Free Return shipping of your monitors when complete

We use top of the line proprietary receivers and inset sockets
So...why is their product so expensive?
simple: they have marketing dollars combined with high overhead that we do not have an they are in it for the almighty dollar

and not for musicians like us. | 727.346.6483 lab | 727.350.9168 fax | skype: alienears