IMPORTANT: To receive service please fill out the service form at:

Note: If you are returning a wireless unit for repair please call first

Fit issue

  • Warranty remolds are 30 days from the day you received your monitors
  • Too big? We can take them down without remolding
  • Too small? We can buildup seal points easily!
  • Always best to send your impressions just in case

Cord/Socket issue

  • If you have a cord issue (and it is not a socket issue) please purchase a new cord.
  • If you think you have a socket issue on one side - try swapping the left and right side of the cords and if the problem persist it may be a socket
  • Sockets fall under your 1 year warranty


  • Check your sound bores (holes) for ear wax and debris, even a fleck of earwax can cause a monitor to sound distorted or buzz

A few other things:
Do not send units with hard shelled tour case

Cords are not needed for repairs

If you are having an issue with monitors cutting in and out or not functioning at all try swapping your cord around and test to make sure it is not the cord 

If there is an issue with only one monitor, you can send in only that monitor...we do not need your cord.

When we receive your repair you will be emailed to notify you that they are in house and in process.
There are no turn times for repairs and are done in the order received...we know you need them for your gigs
so will get to them as quickly as alien possible.

Warranty information is at

IMPORTANT: To receive service please fill out the service form at: