Ambient ports or Pressure vents vents are basically a tube that leads from the outside of the monitor down the canal to your ear drums.
We now insert a special filter in the tube so you can retain some low end.

The Good:

  • allows outside ambient sound in so you don't feel so isolated
  • you can hear request from the audience etc

The Bad:

  • an ambient vent can only fit in C1 and C2 model due to size constraints
  • when you open the port you loose about ALL the low end (repeat you will lose low end)
  • even with our special filter in the ambient tube you will lose a good amount of low end

The Solution:

personally I use an ambient mic that I roll back into my personal system which allows me to hear everything perfectly.
You can use just about any mic because you are using it to monitor the room sound and you don't need a high quality

mic...a pzm is nice because of its pickup pattern.

Many of you play in places that already have ambient mics installed in the out your soundman and ask him about it.
I suggest bringing a starbucks coffee or some the lord of sound will speak to know what I mean! lol

What ever you do please don't buy that $1100 "ambient" belt pack with a limiter and microphone in it.