A standard color is any color from the drop down list in the monitors checkout page. (see below)


 Transparent Light Smoke
 Transparent Dark Smoke

 Transparent Black

 Transparent Ice Blue

 Transparent Dark Ice Blue

 Transparent Regular Blue

 Transparent Purple

 Transparent Red

 Transparent Orange

 Transparent Yellow

 Transparent Hot Pink

 Transparent Alien Green

 Transparent Brown (skinton)

 Transparent Beige (skintone)

 Milk bottle White

Sparkles added to a standard color is $15 for both (free w custom color)
Different color faceplates are considered a custom color (free w custom color)

Custom Color
We get this a lot "I don't see your custom color chart" that is because we do not have one...With Alien Ears custom means custom!

If you want viper red with black faceplates (the part everyone see's when they are in your ears) then put it in the color box at check out
If you want Clear w gold sparkles and a trans ice blue faceplate then put it in the color box at check out
"You name it" color means we create and pour custom colors for you!

Carbon Fiber  / Wood / Shell faceplates are $50 total for both

We have created 10's of thousands of monitors over our 10+ years in business and have made every color you can imagine

If you have other questions...open a support ticket or call us