Well now that's the $64,000 question isnt it!

There is a lot to tell here

AE2- entry level - well balanced monitor
AE3 - Dual low with a full range crossed over extends the low end for more punch
AFR3 (proprietary) - Full range triple has great clarity and is a great choice for just about everyone other than bass player and drummers who need to hear low end.
G8 - Like a CFR3 in clarity but with an extra low end for some ummph...
G12 (proprietary) - An amazing sounding monitor with tons of clarity and a fat low end (anyone can go into this monitor...period)
G16 - In your face loud and proud flagship! Low end and clarity abound...sonic nirvana.

Drummer and Bass players will need at least a dual low end monitor G8 - G12 -G16 would be the choice for you!
Remember when you are custom molded you get isolation...so you start doing a studio mix for your live mix....kick drum and bass and possibly a full mix...the monitors below offer a little more in the low end to handle it.

Keyboardist are tricky - If you are at church playing mostly string/pad/piano/organ sounds then
CFR3 - G12 - G16
If you are currently playing with old moogs, mellotron and arp synths with Emerson Lake and Palmer...Yes or Genesis then
CFR3 - G8 - G12 - G16

Vocalist - CFR3-G12-G16 (C2 if your broke...which we know most singers are...not stereo typing...well a little)

Guitarist - again a little tricky - if you are playing an SG thru a Marshall stack drop D and thrashing your head around (I dont know how you do it...my neck hurts from watching you) then possibly the C3 - clarity wise the CFR3 will make your guitar jump out...the G8 would be a good choice but if your singing I suggest the G12 or G16
Guitarist dong more of a variety of sounds - CFR3 -G8 - G12 (the one I suggest most)

Violin/fiddle/other - The CFR3 is a great monitor and our biggest seller. If your needing more low end then the G8-G12 or G16 depending on how crazy you want to get!

NOTE: Throwing vocals into this dynamic can change some of the monitors selections...feel free to call or contact us and we can steer you in the right direction.